7 Day Program – Day 2

How to get the most
out of Day 2

Congratulations! Welcome to Day 2. The points below will help you get the most out of this program.

  1. Download Coach Blaine’s New Book
  2. Watch today’s video and take notes
  3. Perform your exercises for the day
  4. Check your email tomorrow for the Day 3 video.
  5. Be sure to join the Mobilitas Movers Community on Facebook!
  6. And send your swing to Coach Blaine for a full analysis (limited time only)

Power Warm Up

The Power Warm Up serves two purposes:

1. Morning Body-Prep

2. Pre-Golf Priming Routine

By doing this routine every morning within an hour of waking up, you can harness the power of priming to play your best golf, guaranteed. Simply perform the Power Warm Up after arriving to the golf course but before you hit your first ball, even if you already did it that morning.

BONUS: This routine is also an amazing way to wake your body up and move better after a long day sitting or otherwise being sedentary

Day 2 Exercises & Drills

Glute Bridges (8-10)

Single Leg Glute Bridges (6-8 per leg)

Elevated Drop Lunges (4-6 per leg)

Butt on Wall Swing Drill (20-30)

*All reps are a general guideline. Listen to your body and choose the number that’s right for you but be sure each rep is always as good as possible